Jodha Akbar latest News - Jalal to Realize True Color of Benazir

Jodha Akbar latest episode updates & news

With mind-boggling and infuriating segments of Benazir's track, the show will not put an end to her as Jalal (Rajat Tokas) will realize her true nature in the upcoming episode of Zee TV Jodha Akbar.
In the previous episode, it was shown how Jodha handled each situation with utmost care keeping a check on Benazir's every move.
Jodha is also trying hard to save Jalal from Benazir's evil intention who plans to kill him.
The upcoming track will put an end to Vishkanya as Jalal will sense her motive.
Jalal will learn about Benazair and Jodha even prepares herself to sacrifice her life to save him.
Though, Jodha and Jalal have love for each other, they deny to accept the truth.
But, the upcoming episode is sure to bring a love track for Jodha and Jalal as everything will be sorted out and they will start realizing their love.
Let's see Jodha will accept Jalal this time?


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